Yes Chef! Chef background for Cairn 2e

2024 June 28 |

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Weather Hex Flower App for Dolmenwood

2024 April 28 |

I found this Hex Flower app for generating random weather with sensible, gradual trends. Works great, really liked it, but I wanted it to work with seasons, so I forked it. Since I’m putting together a Dolmenwood campaign too, I wanted to add unseasons. I also want to add other types of seasons like wet and dry, but that will be later. Or never!


Hexer Background for Cairn 2e

2024 March 30 |

My pal Rio (co-host with me on Tabletopped) said that he really wanted to play a Witcher character. I asked him what he felt the core of that type of character would be and he said the potions: gathering the ingredients, brewing them, and getting absolutely wasted. So I made a background for Cairn 2e that focuses especially on potions. I also included signs.


EPUBs for TTRPG Adventures

2024 March 22 |

When I started publishing adventures last year, I decided to add EPUB and HTML versions to offer options accessible to screen reader users. I was curious about how many people actually use EPUBs to read adventures and Symbolic City put up a poll about it. 54% never use EPUBs while the rest sometimes do. But some of the comments mentioned that EPUB is very rarely an option.


Six-Room Dungeon Diagram Generator, based on BSD by Traverse Fantasy

2024 January 16 |

Based on Bite-Sized Dungeons by Marcia B.