Weather Hex Flower App for Dolmenwood

2024 April 28 |

I found this Hex Flower app for generating random weather with sensible, gradual trends. Works great, really liked it, but I wanted it to work with seasons, so I forked it. Since I’m putting together a Dolmenwood campaign too, I wanted to add unseasons. I also want to add other types of seasons like wet and dry, but that will be later. Or never!

It was actually quite annoying to get this to deploy, and if you’re like me, the background flash when the button is rolled hurts my eyes. If you know how to fix that (I’ve tried a few things already that haven’t worked), please let me know! I’ve put it in this iframe to minimize that effect, but you can also go here for the full app: Hex Flower Weather App with Seasons

Also, if you don’t like this, there are some perchance generators that do this as well. And if you don’t know what a Hex Flower is, read the original post by Goblin’s Henchman.


Hexer Background for Cairn 2e

2024 March 30 |

My pal Rio (co-host with me on Tabletopped) said that he really wanted to play a Witcher character. I asked him what he felt the core of that type of character would be and he said the potions: gathering the ingredients, brewing them, and getting absolutely wasted. So I made a background for Cairn 2e that focuses especially on potions. I also included signs.

In my hack of Cairn, I exchanged Willpower for Control (from Liminal Horror). I think I just liked the word better. And from Mythic Bastionland, I swapped HP for Guard.


You are a monster hunter by trade, mutated by magic and chemicals, survivor of trials and brutal training. You use hexes, potions that would be lethal to any normal human, and your two swords to solve mysteries and hunt dangerous monsters. People fear and hate you, but come begging when a monster troubles them.


EPUBs for TTRPG Adventures

2024 March 22 |

When I started publishing adventures last year, I decided to add EPUB and HTML versions to offer options accessible to screen reader users. I was curious about how many people actually use EPUBs to read adventures and Symbolic City put up a poll about it. 54% never use EPUBs while the rest sometimes do. But some of the comments mentioned that EPUB is very rarely an option.

My educational and professional background is in publishing and I’ve been working with EPUBs for over a decade at this point, so I thought I would share my workflow for putting together EPUBs for my adventures. My big caveat is that this workflow does require some comfort with your computer’s command line, or at least a willingness to learn. This method uses Pandoc. If you’re not trying to learn the command line, I also have sections on tools, formatting tips, and accessibility.

As a side-note, an EPUB is just a packaged website with an extra bit of metadata. It’s all just HTML and CSS.


Six-Room Dungeon Diagram Generator, based on BSD by Traverse Fantasy

2024 January 16 |

Based on Bite-Sized Dungeons by Marcia B.

Clicking the button below generates a dungeon; randomizes its contents, connections, and entrance(s); and displays it as a mermaid diagram.

This could surely be improved by someone with more knowledge of javascript and mermaid.js, but I’ve been using Marcia’s method since the original blog post to create dungeons and I wanted to make a generator for it for my personal use.